The Eleventh Judicial District and Magistrate Courts cannot accept personal checks. However, the courts are now equipped to accept credit/debit cards submitted online or in person. The courts will continue to accept cash, money orders and in-state attorney checks.

Sliding Fee Scale

SESV/Mediation Fee Schedule

Please click on the link below to view the sliding fee scale used at the Eleventh Judicial District Court for its Safe Exchange/Safe Visitation Program, commonly called SESV, and its Mediation Program.

The SESV program provides for the safe exchange and/or supervised visitation between parents and children involved in Domestic Matters (DM) and Domestic Violence (DV) cases. Once the court orders parents to participate in the program, fees for SESV services are assessed by the District Court’s SESV provider based upon the sliding fee scale.

The New Mexico Supreme Court approved the use of this sliding fee scale for cases filed on or after September 1, 2018. However, to be fair to all parents with cases involving SESV, this sliding fee scale is used whenever practical, no matter when your case was filed.

The Eleventh Judicial District Court uses the sliding fee scale for Mediation cases when parents are ordered into mediation when child custody is at issue in a Domestic Matters (DM) case.